Social Etiquettes

Our social media pages are intended for providing business related news where we can share our latest campaigns, new product launches and sharing our client diaries.

Our social platforms are a place where we can not only welcome and engage with users but are available for all users to share, like and comment.

In line with our core values, we openly welcome discussions and comments relating to our products and services with the hope of maintaining a level of respect, reciprocal understanding and free from abusive or bad language or malicious/defamatory reviews.

We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions if they are relevant to the particular discussion. However, we reserve the right to:

    • remove irrelevant defamatory or malicious comments relating to a particular product or business related discussion, any defamatory or malicious comments related our website and remove any unauthorized promotional material or links posted on our social platforms;
    • remove offensive comments made against Swavo and members of our team;
    • contact the relevant authorities in the case of copyright violation, defamation and unauthorized disclosure of personal data to third parties;
    • report inappropriate content or abusive messages or posted comments to any of our social account platforms, who can adopt the measures they consider appropriate.

In alignment with our privacy policy, we kindly ask that you do not to share any information regarding orders and personal data publicly.

If you require assistance with regards to our products and services you can send us a private message through our social accounts or view our customer services pages for more information.



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