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  • How to do I place an order?

    You can either place an order online to complete an order or you can visit our outlet to view and place an order.

  • What happens once I have placed an online order?

    Once you have completed entering your payment details you will be redirected to order page confirming your order number and successful transaction. You will then receive an email confirmation of your order and purchase details. If you have ordered a made-to-order item then we will begin production immediately. If you have ordered an available stock item then we will then prepare your order and dispatch your products via the shipping options chosen during the checkout process. We will also send you the tracking number via email so you are made aware of the estimated delivery arrival. You can track your order using our Order Tracker.

  • Can I add or delete an item from my order?

    In most circumstances it is not possible to make changes to your order once you have placed it. If you would like to purchase additional products then you will be required to place a new order for these items. If you wish to remove an item then you will have to refer to our returns procedure.

    Please contact customer services by telephone if you would like further advice.

  • Can I change my delivery address?

    When placing your order you can add a different delivery address if you wish. However, if you have already placed your order and need to change details of the delivery address please call us for advice. Please be ready to quote your order number and order date. This can only be completed before your order has been dispatched.

  • My order has been cancelled, what should I do?

    In certain situations, your order may be cancelled if there are issues with your payment such as notification from your bank of fraudulent activities or low funds. In such situations we will cancel your order until you are able to settle any credit card payment issues. You will be notified my email or by phone in such circumstances.

  • Can I place a made-to-order if I am based outside the UK?

    Yes – you can place a made-to-order on any jewellery item on our website. If you wish to book a video call prior to placing the online order simply book an online appointment so we can ensure you are provided with all the information and answer any questions you may have.

    We do advise all customers placing made-to-order that you are 100% sure as once the order is received production will begin immediately and therefore the order cannot be cancelled and there is no exchange or refunds without exception.

    Once you have placed your online order you will receive notification by email with your order details. You will also receive delivery timescales. We will keep you updated on the progress of your order via email and through your My Account. Your order will arrive at our store first for inspection. Once our quality checks have satisfactorily completed, we will dispatch your order with Insurance and Tracking.

  • I wish to book a bridal consultation, what do I need to do?

    For all bridal consultations you will need to book an appointment.

    Appointments can take place by visiting our outlet or by video call. For customers who wish to visit our outlet, we will request that you bring your bridal garment so we can match your colour theme and style.

    For video bookings, we will request customers to have their bridal garments available to view during the video consultation to ensure we can match the design and colour themes.

  • Can you make a complete customised jewellery item or set?

    Yes we can – our designers can create a complete customised design from scratch to meet your specific needs. However, you will need to book an appointment.

    Appointments can take place by visiting our outlet or by video call.

  • How long does a made-to-order jewellery take?

    All new made-to-order are made from scratch and the average production time is 4-8 weeks for a full bridal set and 2-3 weeks for single or small set pieces. You will be notified by email on your due delivery date for both online and in-store customer orders which will include shipping date depending on your geographical location.

  • How much deposit do I have to pay for bespoke made-to-order?

    For customers placing bespoke made-to-order online you will be required to pay the full amount.

    For customers who place orders in-store – you will be required to make a 60% deposit to initiate the order and the remaining balance will be requested on day of collection from our outlet.

Contact Page Right Col FAQ

  • Can I change stones, beads, droplets and plating?

    Stones, bead, droplets and plating can be changed for all made-to-order items that have drop down options available.

    Items in stock that are sale and non sale are sold “as is” and therefore are not subject to customisation.

  • Is there any guarantee and if so for how long?

    All our products are made from the finest materials, all handcrafted and come with a one year international guarantee against manufacturing faults from the date of order.

    It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the jewellery items are taken care of when wearing and in storage. Items which are lost or damaged through general wear and tear or misuse are not covered by our guarantee.

    General wear and tear, misuse and tarnishing and exposure or contact with abrasive chemicals such as perfume, hair spray and jewellery cleaners may damage the jewellery items and therefore void the guarantee.

  • The gemstone colours for my bespoke made-to-order are not exactly what I ordered?

    All Swavo products are handmade by skilled artisans. There may be a slight colour variation in the gemstone, settings and molds from those chosen by the clients.

    Most gemstones are allochromatic, meaning that they are colored by impurities or trace elements in their crystal structure. For example, pure corundum is colorless. But corundum is typically red when traces of chromium are present and blue when there are traces of titanium.

    Variation in gemstone colours can result from different trace elements; the green of an emerald can be the result of chromium or vanadium (or both). In other cases, a single trace element can produce different colors in different gem varieties.

  • How is the jewellery packaged?

    All our products are dispatched in our custom Swavo jewellery boxes. They are then wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them during transit from damage.

  • How do I track my online order?

    Once your order has been dispatched we will attach a tracking code to your order details which you can check by visiting the order tracking page.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    All new made-to-order and in stock jewellery items are priced to sell and therefore are not discounted even if you purchase multiple items. We have a fixed price policy both online and in-store on all products.

    We do however offer discounts on certain stock items that are either end of line or is part of a seasonal promotion. Such items will be shown as marked down both online and in-store or a coupon code will be issued where the customer can enter during checkout. We do not offer further reductions on sale items both online and in-store.

  • Where are your outlets located?

    We currently have one outlet based in the United Kingdom at the following location:

    914 Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 8EZ.

    You can visit our showroom and view and purchase all our jewellery items. For made-to-order bespoke jewellery you will need to book an appointment.

  • I have changed my mind after placing an online order?

    Once you have placed any made-to-order jewellery item(s) the production is initiated immediately and therefore we cannot stop production. Therefore orders cannot be cancelled once they are placed and we cannot refund or offer any exchange under any circumstances. However, all made-to-order jewellery items come with a 1 year international guarantee that covers any manufacturing faults.

    For all bespoke and stock items please read our returns policy and our general sales terms and conditions.

  • How do I look after my jewellery?

    To maintain and prolong the life of your jewellery, we recommend that you keep the items wrapped in a piece of soft cloth or tissue and store them in box or packaging that we dispatched the items in.

    Always store your jewellery in a dry place away from chemicals.

  • What is your complaints or resolution process?

    Swavo is committed in ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the products they receive as well as the service both online and in-store. We will do our utmost to try to sort out your complaint while you’re on the phone or in-store. If you have made a complaint by email then we will ensure we find a resolution within 48 hours during our business working hours. If your complaint cannot be rectified immediately, the manager will agree a course of action with you.

    However, in the event that something has gone wrong either due to a manufacturing fault or any other issue that you’re not happy with, please get in touch with our store manager so that we can try to put matters right.

    In the first instance, if you have ordered in-store you can visit our store and speak to our manager as soon as possible. For long distance customers or for customers who are unable to visit our store you can call us: +441274 962596 or send us an email stating your complaint: Our team will try to sort your complaint and agree a course of action with you in order to find a resolution.

    If you’re still not happy wish to escalate your complaint you send us an email or write to us with your order number and date of purchase:

    Head of Customer Service:

    914 Leeds Road
    West Yorkshire
    BD3 8EZ
    United Kingdom

    We would kindly request that all customers who want to make a complaint not to send comments or post reviews on our social accounts. We have a complaints procedure in place as stated above and to allow us to find an amicable resolution.


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