Turn Your Bespoke Bridal Dreams Into Reality With Our Gorgeous Bijoux Collection

A wedding day is special for everyone involved. Brides, sisters, bridesmaids, best friends and mums all deserve to look their best and celebrate the big day. At Swavo, we believe in bringing your bespoke bridal dreams to life and offer Pakistani jewellery sets and jhummar that are as beautiful as they are memorable.

We’re always updating our shop with jewellery that tells personal stories and we’re proud to announce the arrival of one of our latest collections. Our Bijoux range features precious keepsakes and complimentary gems to wear on your wedding day.

Read on to find out more about the items in the Bijoux collection.

Bijoux Sonum Set

Hand-painted and hand-crafted with care, our stunning sonum set features choker, earrings tikka, long haar and jhummar.

With elegant ivory colours and a beautiful meena work style, the set is a true conversation starter and will make you stand out as you’re walking down the aisle. The gem drops on the set can also be tailored to meet your needs.

The sonum set is highly versatile and can be paired with other Pakistani jewellery. We recommend our gorgeous sadaf bridal hand piece, made from mirror kudan and ruby gemstones.

Or pair the set with our striking hanna double sided golden clutch bag that’s encrusted with crystals. The bag can be worn as a clutch, shoulder or strap over and shines brilliantly with the jhummar from the sonum set.

Bijoux Kundan Mala Set

Another item that accentuates beauty is our Bijoux kundan mala set, which comes with long haar, earrings, tikka and an optional choker. This set has been designed with elegance in mind and is suited for brides and bridesmaids who want to make a statement as soon as they step into the room.

This approach is represented in the kundan jewellery style that is renowned for being highly refined and holds a special place in history. It’s also worth noting that the gems can be customised to meet your liking and provide further refinement.

There’s a range of jewellery that complements the set and one of our favourites is the kate layered necklace set that features zircon centre stones and additional gem drops.

Another item we recommend is the artisan mira chocker bridal that is gold plated and draws attention to the neck.

Bijoux Meena Set

When it comes to Pakistani jewellery sets, meena work is highly prized for the technical skills that are needed to create it and the level of beauty that comes from the effort.

Our Bijoux meena set represents the art form in all its glory. Featuring an exquisite choker, earrings and tikka, the set is fully customisable.

Looking for additional products to pair the set with? Try our silver jasmine flower cuff that’s available in six different colours. The bangle glitters like starlight and works extremely well with the colour of this creative meena set.

Or you could pair it with this opal pearl silver clutch bag. Shimmering with pearls and crystals, the bag is beautiful and practical. It features a detachable chain and can be worn over the shoulder, in a strap over style or as a clutch.

Bijoux Multi Choker Set

Last and certainly not least is our incredible multi choker set that features a choker, earrings, matching tikka and jhummar on request. The set also comes with heavy kundan saharas and jhumka earrings can be included based on personal needs.

A multi-purpose set means a lot of creative jewellery pairings! Try matching it with our antique necklace and earrings that are made from cubic zircon stones and glisten as brightly as a diamond.

Another option is our mastani crystal jhummar that comes in a range of colours and is perfect for a Mehdni bride.

Bring your bridal dreams to life with Swavo

Whether you’re in need of bespoke jhummar or other diverse bridal jewellery, we’re here to create pieces that meet your personal needs.

If you’d like inspiration, then be sure to check out or Instagram Looks section and contact us today for one of a kind jewellery sets.


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