5 Bridal Jewellery Essentials You Need For An Unforgettable Wedding

Helping you create the perfect look for your wedding day is something we have plenty of experience with at Swavo. We provide a beautiful range of Indian jewellery and jhummar to be worn with pride and make every moment count!

To help you plan your ideal look, here are five Pakistani bridal jewellery essentials for telling a unique story and adding a touch of personalisation.

1.    Neckline jewellery

When it comes to Asian wedding jewellery, the neckline offers plenty of creativity and is accentuated by multiple types of jewels. We recommend including a necklace, earrings, tikka and jhummar, with each piece bringing something different to this area of the body.

Think of the necklace as the centrepiece and a great choice is our Diana quartz necklace, which brings a sense of glamour. Earrings provide additional decoration, pairing well with a necklace and balancing it out. Our square drop Coco earrings are a good example!

Tikka and jhummar provide the finishing touches to the neckline, creating a wonderful contrast with other Pakistani jewellery.

2.    Saharary

Practicality is an essential part of a successful wedding and that should be a part of your bridal wear too. Saharay offer functionality and elegance, supporting earrings and providing an additional bit of decoration.

We have a wide range of bespoke saharay to choose from and one of the best fits is with our SS21 bridal uncut look, which also comes with additional bangles and hand jewellery on request.

3.    Naath jewellery

If you’re looking for traditional Indian jewellery for your wedding, then you’ll want to add a naath to your wedding clothes. A stunning piece of nose jewellery, naath add a new dimension to the face and can act as complementary pieces to other types of gems like jhummar.

A shining example of a naath is in our beautiful miraj set. A showstopper of a set, it comes with choker, maala, earrings, two hand pieces and more.

The naath is complimentary and you don’t have to get your nose pierced. It comes with a clip for ease of use.

4.    Anklets

For some old school charm, don’t forget to add some anklets to your bridal treasure trove. Beautiful and durable, anklets come in many colours and they add a touch of mystery and seduction that is sure to show in wedding photography.

You may also want to show your anklets off if you decide to take off your footwear.

5.    Hand jewellery

To complete your wedding look, you’ll want to pick some complementary hand jewellery for added style. There’s so much to choose from and you can truly accessorise with pieces that bring out the best in your wedding dress.

Swavo Bridal offers a wide collection of Pakistani hand jewellery and this includes bangles, rings and more. Whether you’re looking for glamour with our artisan gem set rings or extravagance with our jadu bangle pair, we’ve got something for everyone.

Get your dream bridal look today

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