Achieve A Beautiful Wedding Look With Our Spectacular Coco Collection

A wedding is more than just an event. It’s a memory for your sister, your friend, your daughter, your colleague. It’s a moment that will stay with them for the rest of their life and you can share in that moment and ensure they have a wonderful experience.

As a creator of eye-catching Asian jewellery sets and jhummar, Swavo is dedicated to providing bespoke jewellery for all types of wedding guests. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or the mother of the bride, we love telling stories through the jewellery we create and we’ll help you add to the story of the wedding.

We do this by regularly creating new Indian jewellery collections and we’re proud to unveil our Coco collection, which features gorgeous necklaces, jhumka and more. Discover some of the most unique items from the Coco range.

Coco Classic Drop Earrings

If you’re looking to inject some 1920s glamour into a wedding, our Coco Classic Drop Earrings are ideal for an event that would make the Great Gatsby proud!

Elegant and striking, the earrings come in three colours of silver, emerald and sapphire.

Coco Accent Crystal Necklace

To draw attention to the neckline, wear our Coco Accent Crystal necklace. A versatile product made of accent crystal spacers that catch the light, the necklace can be worn double up or knotted.

It also comes in two options of grey or rose so you can customise the necklace with other Pakistani jewellery sets.

Coco Jhumka

Looking for a more creative style of Indian jewellery? You’ll love our Coco jhumka, which have a gorgeous chandelier look. Crafted from stunning AAA Cubic Zirconia (CZ), the jhumka sparkle as soon as they catch the light and can match different types of décor.

Coco Daisy Set

For a combined earring and necklace experience, our Coco Daisy Set is a winner. A gold-plated AAA CZ necklace and earrings will help you look your best as a bridesmaid and you may even want to colour coordinate with the bride for an even more memorable experience.

Coco J’Adore Earrings

You can never go wrong with pink and our Coco J’Adore earrings represent the colour in all its glory. Coming in baby pink catseye and several other colours, the earrings are shaped like tear drops.

If you need inspiration on how our earrings look then discover one of our beautiful brides wearing some of our jewellery, dolled up by international celebrity make-up artist Anisha Siddique.

Coco Cherie

For a creative Indian bridal jewellery set, we suggest wearing our Coco Cherie set that comes with choker and teardrop earrings. The creativity comes from the fact that it can be blended with different options, such as a ring, bracelets or as a necklace set.

Coco Noir

Extravagance meets practicality with the Coco Noir set. A beautiful choker set combined with a three-row layered AAA CZ necklace, the set will help you stand out in wedding photography.

For a personalised touch, the set can also be modified with an additional strand or bracelet.

Coco Filigree Studs & Ring Duo

For glorious earrings and hand jewellery, we suggest trying our Coco filigree studs and rings. The set would work well with a casual wedding look or formal dress and it’s this versatility that makes the products ideal for bridesmaids.

Another benefit is that the jewellery is customisable, with the stones coming in three colours. Choose from clear, emerald or sapphire styles.

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Your story matters to us and we’re committed to helping you find Asian jewellery that matches the style, mood and aesthetics of any wedding you go to.

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